27 November, 2008

E!092 Has Guyana's Hottest TV Host !

Guyana Lime recently caught up with the hot host of HJTV's E!092 - Simone Angelic Savory to get to know her a little bit better off camera. As we all know by now E!092 is a local entertainment update show hosted by the very hot Simone. It is described as a crisp and to the point show with nice bits and pieces of regional and international entertainment news. Read the exclusive interview with Ms. E!092.

How and why did you become involved with Hits and jams tv, and more so as a TV host?

"Hmm..Well to be honest I never actually considered becoming a tv host,but I knew the guys from HJTV before the television station even started and they asked me if I'd do the show.I decided to give it a try, and well hey..I became the host of E!092"

Why an entertainment show?

"I'm not the producer of the show..just the host..it wasn't my idea..even though it is a pretty good show and all :)..I was just asked to host it."

If you could interview anyone in the world who would you choose and why?

"Hmmm...I'm guessing you mean in the entertainment world so that would definitely be Rihanna..I am a biiggg fan of hers..When i heard her first hit i didn't even think she'd get this far..I love her, love her music..I think she'se phenominal so she would definitely be my pick."

I think you are naturally funny... even when you're talking about serious issues. Did you always see the humor in different situations?

"I guess so, I'm hardly ever serious, unless its ABSOLUTELY necessary, I'm always giggling or smiling...its just my personality."

As a TV Host, what has been your greatest experience to date?

"Well to be honest with you, I haven't really had any huge out of the ordinary experience..but becoming a face on tv has definitely been interesting..I've been faced with situations that have been somewhat ridiculous but at the end of the day I like what I do..and sometimes its nice when someone comes up to you on the street or something and say oo hi simone I like your show orr ur doing a good job...and I definitely like being a part of the concerts and getting to meet the artistes..but I can't really think of anything that was totally out of the ordinary for me."

Have you given any thought to having your own Talk Show?

No..I don't want to become a talk show host..and I don't even have plans of being a TV personality for the rest of my life..I have plans on studying medicine...My ultimate goal is to become a retinal specialist....soo no plans whatsoever of having a talk show :)

As Guyana's hottest TV Show host, how do you deal with negative criticism?
"You think I'm a hot host? gee..thanks :)...Well I definitely get tonnnsssss of negative criticism..but I don't really pay attention to it..its not something that i try to "deal" with or something that affects me..i hear it and I let it go immediately..it has absolutely no effect on me."

What are your views on local pageantry in Guyana? would you enter any if you had the opportunity?
"Nope..not interested in pageantry..I think the industry needs to be developed a bit more, our girls should be trained for a longer period of time so they can be a bit more prepared on the international scene..I'm definitely not a big fan of pageants though."

If you could change anything about yourself what would it be and why?

"I don't mean to sound conceited or anything, but there's nothing I would change about myself."

Is there a guy in your life?

"Yep! There's a guy in my life."

What three things must be on your christmas list this year?

"WOW! I have a veryy long christmas list but my top three things are an iPhone..definitely a must have.a car..and jewellery - I love jewellery."

What can we expect from you in the future?
"Hmm..I'll be doing medicine..sooo when you don't see me on tv anymore..you could probably come see me if you have any problems with your eyes :)..Wish me luck!"

Guyana Lime wishes to thank Simone for participating in this interview and wishes her the very best with her future endeavours.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Simone is your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

congrats to u Simone and i think ur awesome..

mark said...

lol i don't. i think her lil sister is the hot 1 :)

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